Karen Stefano Ed.M, M.A., L.P.C., is an artist and practicing psychotherapist. She worked and trained with Jungian Analyst, Dr. Edith Wallace, for over twenty years and is one of the very few individuals qualified to continue the tissue paper collage method developed by Dr. Wallace.

Working with clients through the synergy of expressive arts and psychotherapy, she includes psychodynamic, Gurdjieff/Fourth Way, and Median group process. Karen has worked with Dr. Gordon Lawrence in Social Dreaming Matrix and trained with Dr. Patrick de Mare in Median group process.

Co-founder of the DuVersity, a non-profit educational organization which is devoted to building bridge between psychology and spirituality, Karen convenes Median Groups in the U.S., China, Mexico, and the UK. She is a member of both the International and American Group Psychotherapy Associations and the American Counseling Association.

Karen has been studying and teaching the tissue paper collage method for many years. In addition to her education as a psychotherapist, she is a trained sculptor and painter, having worked extensively with stone, day, watercolors and pastels. Whether working intimately with her clients or holding a paintbrush in her hand, her ultimate goal is establishing unity between body, mind, feelings and spirit.

Currently in private practice in Charles Town, West Virginia, Karen works with individuals, couples, families and groups. She is married and has four grown children.

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