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Dr. Edith Wallace

Jung and God

Jung - and other teachers were strong influences and stimuli, and always gave encouragement to search. The title of this seminar certainly opened or continued questions about the unfathomable - name it what you will - whatever may lead to Meaning and Truth. The main themes of my talk will be such disparate subjects as: light, Merlin and the Shamanic, as well as the Grail and the Lord's Prayer. Slides will illustrate these. Participants will be given a chance to investigate their own search by making tissue paper collages. And they are asked to write their life story as if it were a myth or fairy tale before the event.

Dr. Wallace is a practicing Jungian analyst and prize-winning painter. She studied with Dr. and Mrs. Jung in Switzerland and John Bennett at Sherborne, England. She has taught at the C. G. Jung Training center and the C. G. Jung Foundation.

Murat Yagan

Establishing Communion with Cosmic Mind according to Kebzeh

Murat Yagan will speak of the way that humans establish communion with Cosmic Mind according to Kebzeh, an original tradition of the Caucasus Mountains. Kebzeh looks at the Eternal Spirit of Creative Power, its creation and humans in it as "one whole", functioning in compliance with the laws of the phenomenon of electro-magnetic and electro-biochemical energy.

Born in Abkhasia, in the Caucasus Mountains, Murat received his earliest spiritual training from the Elders of his Tradition of Ahmusta Kebzeh and later was accepted by and studied with the Bektashi dervishes in Turkey. Mr. Yagan is author of three books: The Abkhasian Book of Longevity and Well Being, I Come From Behind Kaf Mountain, A Spiritual Autobiography and The Teachings of Kebzeh-Essentials of Sufism from the Caucasus Mountains. He lives with his wife ins British Columbia, where they recently celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary. Retired from carpentry, now 82 years old, he remains extremely busy.

Anthony Blake

The Varieties of Intelligence

The varieties of intelligence in humans and amongst other species; the specific nature of human intelligence, associated with conscious experience, and its evolutionary possibilities; the future of artificial intelligence; prospects of influences from other star systems or planets; supernatural intelligence, and the Gnostic warnings on the demiurge. He will outline a theory of higher intelligence related to human communication, and argue that such intelligence is not based in any entity. He will propose a 'set of rules' for engagement in higher intelligence and invite participants to decide what the rules might be.

Anthony began his search in the worlds of physics and mathematics, philosophy and history. When he encountered men such as David Bohm and John Bennett, he was emboldened to seek out all kinds of human knowledge. From Bennet he acquired the taste for direct experience as well as for seeing the whole through structural thinking. His interest in Higher Intelligence stems from Bennett's assertion that, in this century, such Intelligence can begin to be understood through information theory. Author of several books such as 'The Intelligent Enneagram', 'Structures of Meaning', and 'A Seminar on Time', he runs workshops in both the USA and Europe.

Warren Kenton

Deeper Levels of the Mind & Higher Levels of Existence

The first part of the presentation will be an account of the deeper levels of the mind and the higher levels of Existence and their inhabitants. The second half will be devoted to a Kabbalistic exercise called the House of the Psyche. In this the Sefirotic Tree diagram will be transformed into the symbolic home we have built for ourselves. The decor, state and inmates of the house reveal much about the inner and higher intelligence of our being. The workshop will use another exercise to explore a wider field where one may meet one's Inner Teacher.

Warren Kenton (Z'ev ben shimon Halevi) was born in London in 1933. He taught at RADA and the Architectural Association in Engalnd before becoming a full time writer and lecturer on Kabbalah. He has been involved in the Work for forty years and has published sixteen books, which have been translated into more than ten languages, mostly on Kabbalah. He has taught in Eastern and Western Europe, North and South America, Australia, and Israel. He is director of tutors for the International Kabbalah Society and a fellow of the Temenos Academy at Prince of Wales's Institute in London.

Stanley Crouch

Looking Up

This presentation will examine how different forms of art attempt to unsentimentally raise human engagement and development from the arenas of melodrama, propaganda and narcissism.

Stanley Crouch has written for the New York Times, the Village Voice, the Soho Weekly News and for many other journals and magazines. He is founder of Jazz: the Jazz department at the Lincoln Center. His collection of essays and reviews "Notes of a Hanging Judge" received awards from the National Critics Circle and the Encyclopedia Brittanica Yearbook. In 1991 he was recipient of the Whiting Writers Award. He is currently working with Wynton Marsalis on a script for an eight-part television miniseries on Jazz: The Music, The People. Various novels are in the works including Don't the Moon Look Lonesome, as well as a book of short stories, a novella and a biography of Charlie Parker.

Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow)

The Relationship Between the Summer People and the Winter People

Communication with Higher Intelligence is to understand and then to practice the relationships that occur between the Summer People and the Winter People. Waa-Chi-Chi-Hu translated means: How the great mystery is talking and walking in the dimensions of the perceptual realities that bring forth the sense of miracles to daily living. I will present the definition of the Summer People and the Winter People (Tiwa thought) and how they create the diversities in life as insights and experiences. Since we are made of slowed-down time, we crystallize into believing that we exist as we become more like our insights and experiences.

Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, is an internationally respected author, artist, visionary and master storyteller. Joseph has been studying the ancient Tiwa language of the Picuris Pueblo of north central New Mexico. In 1983 he had a vision that led him to the establishment of over 63 Peace Chambers throughout the world. Joseph is in semi-retirement, continuing to work on his one-of-a-kind paintings, and now lives on the Southern Ute reservation in Colorado.

Jerry Toporovsky

The Future of the Body & Accessing Higher Intelligence in the Body

Jerry will speak about and exlpore the potential changes to our species and planet over the course ot the next 50 years. A slide show will accompany the presentations. Jerry will also present a didactic and experiential session on accesssing the intelligence of the body.

Jerry Toporovsky is founder and director of the Baltimore Holistic Health Center and the Baltimore School of Massage. Some of the talks he has presented this year include: Creating Authentic Presence, Soul Work as Healing Work; Building Bridges between Allopathic and Alternative Medicine at Johns Hopkins Medical School, Baltimore MD; Evolutionary Physiology and the Biology of Culture at the Institute of Ecotechnics-Provence, France; Biogeologic Time and the Co-Evolution of Self in the Biosphere.


Dance as a Reflection of Higher Intelligence

Zuleikha will perform for us to show how dance is a reflection of higher intelligence.
She is an inspired performer who integrates techniques of East and West with humor and depth. She creates her own fabric through stories and movement and her dance-narrations encompass a variety of world themes. Like ancient communities who knew their artists as "culture carriers", Zuleikha works non-verbal forms of communication and facilitates movement work aimed at stress relief and increased attention span. Her one woman show, workshops and collaborative performances have been presented to women, children, elders and members of the business community.

She has performed throughout the country in venues such as Metropolitan Museum of New York, Tanglewood (Massachusetts), Middle East Institute (Washington DC), Center for Contemporary Art (New Mexico), Conference on Black Bear (N. Carolina), Lung Institute (Illinois) and Gumption Theater (California). Internationally she has performed in Mexico, Brazil, Japan and Afghanistan working alone and with Coleman Barks, Kitaro, Hmaza El-Din, Zai Uttal and Glen Velez, among others. She recently completed the PBS television special Dances from Wild Gardens.

Coleman Barks

Rumi's Poetry as a Way

Coleman Barks is a poet, translator of Rumi, and Emeritus Professor of English, University of Georgia. He will speak on the poetry of Rumi as a Way of Higher Intelligence.

Since 1977 Coleman Barks has been collaborating with various Persian scholars (John Moyne most often) to bring into English the poetry of the thirteenth century mystic, Rumi. That work has resulted in fourteen volumes, including the bestselling Essential Rumi (Harper San Francisco), and most recently, The Illuminated Rumi (Broadway Books). He was featured on an hour-long segment of Bill Moyers' PBS special, "The Language of Life". His Rumi translations have been included in the prestigious Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces. He often collaborates in performances with musicians - the Paul Winter Consort, Hamza El-Din, David Darling, Olatunji, and others, as well as with the dancer storyteller, Zuleikha. Before retiring this year, he taught contemporary American poetry and creative writing at various universities for thirty-four years.

Phylliss Moline Laursen


Ways to higher consciousness are in the action of communication, by communicating in all forms at once. From the cat's meow to the call to prayer, all of this encompasses ways of communicating intelligence. Passion is the fuel of higher consciousness. One way to communicate higher consciousness is to listen and describe your form of creative love, pain and nature; all the expressions of your life. Poets have understood this for eternity. In this presentation we will investigate as a group how to discover our form of passion. We will learn how to communicate our forms to each other. Through communication the intelligence is expressed. This presentation will be facilitated by Phyllis Laursen and Karen Stefano.

Phyllis Moline Laursen, is a practicing healer and psychotherapist. For the past 20 years the focus of her work has been centered on differentiating fact from feeling and developing her own system of transmuting chaos in our world. She works with artists, musicians, writers, and healers from all over the world developing new forms of symbology in language. She also specializes in transcultural communication as well as interspecies communication. Karen Stefano is an artist and psychotherapist. She has worked and collaborated with Phyllis in the development of new forms of symbology in language related to healing and art.

John Anthony West

Sacred Sites & Sacred Science

The temples, tombs, and pyramids of Egypt are powerful, resonating places. They move us today, even in ruins, because their builders were masters of an ancient sacred science; a science of cosmic principles. This science was expressed in geometry, measure, harmony, and proportion, and through myth and symbolism - the grammar of higher consciousness. The result was literally magical. In this slide lecture we explore the great doctrine that fused art, science, philosophy and religion into one coherent whole....the meaning behind the magic.

John Anthony West is a writer and independent Egyptologist. He is the foremost exponent of the 'Symbolist' school of Egyptology-which sees (and demonstrates) an ancient sacred science where modern academics see mainly superstition. West's work was the subject of a 1993 NBC Special, 'The Mystery of the Sphinx', hosted by Charlton Heston. West's non-fiction books include Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt; The Traveller's Key to Ancient Egypt, and The Case for Astrology. His essays and criticism have appeared in The New York Times, Conde Nast's Traveller, and many other publications. He is presently at work on a book devoted to his work on the Great Sphinx.

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