Brave New World


A DuVersity Event – Nashville, Tennessee – October 25-8, 2018

Preliminary Announcement

O brave new world that hath such creatures in it!

Miranda’s words in Shakespeare’s last great play The Tempest are chosen to reflect our hopes of the future: seen as a new epoch it suggests there might be a providential history that guides us on. The present crisis in democracy, fuelled by leaders who are incompetent, ignorant and short-sighted, coupled with threats of environmental changes disastrous for life and human civilisation and the instability of global capitalism suggest otherwise. And a new species of intelligence is growing in strength that can be regarded equally as our saviour and our nemesis: is it the ‘higher intelligence’ that John Bennett spoke of or a false idol?

Our seminar is to take a look at our experience of these times and what people are making of them and in previous periods of crisis. One of the tools we will use is the social dreaming matrix devised by the late Gordon Lawrence. Click this link to see Anthony Blake in conversation with him. The dreaming matrix was brought into the canon of DuVersity methods more than a decade ago.

Presentations will include the Total Systems Science of Biosphere 2 delivered by Mark Nelson, one of the pioneer biospherians who spent two years in a self-sustaining closed (materially) system. His book Pushing Our Limits – insights from Biosphere 2 is recently published.

We will also have presentations on self-organisation in business and the portrayal of Providence in Shakespeare’s plays, coupled with illustrative performances by Nashville players.   Anthony Blake will lead a discussion into the historical ideas of John Bennett, especially his view that we live at the beginning of a new synergic epoch. This will range into a vista of prophetic intelligence, one that will embrace the role of dreaming.

Music and dance will play an essential part in our process and we hope to involve participants in dramatic performance. As far as we can, we will bring modern technology into our experience - such as virtual reality – and illustrate what is known as techgnosis (a term used by writer Eric Davies) – the way technology echoes the occult.

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