Interior of the Djameechoonatra as created by David Blake in 3-d graphics and software enabling viewer to navigate inside it (the image is a 'still' from the programme)

Fourth way Documents

Dramatis Personae of Beelzebub's Tales

Dialogue a new introduction by Anthony Blake

Musings on Hyparxis by Anthony Blake

Reading from The Moon of Hoa Binh by William Pensinger and Nha Trang

Interview with Nana Nauwald, Visionary Artist


Here are some key articles from DuVersity, which is published three times a year and hard copy sent to members. Recent complete issues are also available here.

The Djameechoonatra - a note on the fabulous building constructed by J.G. Bennett and his pupils in the 50's.
The Blake-Blake Theory of Communion - Anthony Blake
Object and Subject - William Pensinger
The Logic of Ambiguity - Albert Low
The Politics of Conversation - Anthony Blake
The Sixth Kingdom - John Allen
Experincing Divine Wisdom in Ordinary Living - Edward Matchett
Methods of the Soul - Joseph Rael
Psyche Education - Anthony Blake
Reality as Knowledge - John Allen
Stonehenge - Richard Heath
The Millennium and the Median Group - Patrick de Mare
Varieties of Intelligence - Anthony Blake
The Working Group - Anthony Blake
Thinking Again of Life - Mae Wan Ho
Social Dreaming Matrix - Gordon Lawrence
Architecture of the Spirit - Pete Stewart
Nature, Civilisation and Consciousness - Emilios Bouratinos
The Secret Men of the North - Richard Heath
Word - Edith Wallace
The Punctuation of History - Anthony Blake
Shamanism, Healing and R. D. Laing - Francis Huxley
Ring Composition - Anthony Blake
The Four-Fold Synthesis - J. G. Bennett
Cultivating the Fertile Ground of Creativity - Karen Stefano
A Look at the Possible Input and Influence of Higher Intelligence in the Early 1960s - John Kirby
The DuVersity - Anthony Blake
Spirituality and Psychotherapy - Charles Tart and Anthony Blake
The Human Actor - Anthony Blake
Megalithic Astronomical Development - Richard Heath
Mr Bennett and Daglingworth - Anthony Blake
Journey to Atlantis - Anthony Blake and Richard Heath
Tibetan Diary - Michael White
Function, Being and Will - John Kirby

Refining Systematics - J. G. Bennett

Naked Awareness - Michael White
Conversation with Professor Bohm - Arleta Griffor

Correspondence on Reciprocal Maintenance - Blake and Kheen

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Reference Articles on Ideas and Methods by Anthony Blake





The Fourth Way

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Inner Exercises

Possible Foundations of Inner Exercises - Anthony Blake

This paper links the descriptions and explanations Gurdjieff gives in the Third Series with the exercises transmitted by J G Bennett and the development of experienting.


Experienting- Anthony Blake

This paper explains the thinking behind the method of experienting and its relation to classical forms of meditation.




Event Design

The Mosaic of Mutual Correction
A talk by Anthony Blake given during the seminar 'Crossings' August 10, 1997.

The Fourth Way-Masculine/Feminine


On Time
An essay following a seminar of the same title, held March 1998 in Baltimore, Maryland.


Presented at the Open Center, New York, Saturday August 12 1995, this talk is taken from the collection of talks and dialogues, Perspectives, published in 1997.


The Perpetual Invitation by John Kirby



The Day of Mary - John Kirby A study of the manifestations of Mary correlated with the 43 degree latitude.





Transformation - Richard Knowles Application of the enneagram to self-organising leadership